To support your activities and organisational improvement process, we have a number of resources available to assist.  Some are free, and some are to be purchased, but all are very useful in supporting the process.

Free Downloads

We have many free (and paid) templates that you can download via our online shop.  These have the potential to save you many hours of work and therefore have value.  Review the information in the chart below to see and download what is available.  The list of templates and documents is constantly updating, so if you want something adding just let us know!

Examples of some of the templates available include:

SIPOC Template Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers.  Great for demonstrating a value adding process at high level and seeing how much resources and effort goes into adding value.  A great place to start if you want to remove non-value adding waste.

SIPOC Diagram

Free Download

Swim Lane Diagram  A great way to clearly show who does what and when.  Each lane is allocated to a person, function or group and each step may have supporting work instructions.  This template is a horizontal swim lane however they may also run vertically.  Ask us how to unlock the hidden secrets of the swim lane!

Swim Lane Diagram

Free Download

Action Plan Basic Action Plan Template, in Word and Excel formats.  Should save you time setting one up.

Action Plan

MS Excel

MS Word 

5S Process Overview A concise overview of the 5S process and what should be done at each stage of the process.

5S Overview

Free Download

The 8 Wastes Overview The 8 Wastes acronym of DOWNTIME presented as a handy guide.

8 Wastes Overview

Free Download

TAKT Time and Manning Calculate output rates (or how fast) for each step in your value adding process to achieve customer demand.  Once you know your TAKT Time you can then determine exactly how many people are required to complete the work and verify the number of workstations or steps that are needed.  You may be surprised at what you find.  Pro Tip:  Make sure you stick to one time unit in your calculations.

TAKT Time and Manning

Free Download

 3x3 A very useful tool in the form of a matrix.  The three biggest issues are noted at the top and under each issue you note the three things to be done that will permanently eliminate and control each issue.  Includes a handy action plan, Excel format.


Free Download

Motion Map  A great template to simply print off and start drawing your motion maps.  The 'mess' you create gives an idea of where excess travel occurs - how can you eliminate this and save time to make your life easier?

Motion Map

Free Download

Cost Saving Calculator A great way to help personnel 'think money' when they want to justify a suggestion or improvement to their process.  Standardises the costing and payback elements to allow quick and easy understanding of the anticipated benefits.

Cost Saving

Calculator Free Download 

Escalation Procedure Having problems getting people to escalate issues?  This handy template will help you to communicate what issues need to be escalated and to who, plus details expected response times and actions needed.  A great stoppage time buster.

Escalation Procedure

Free Download 

Operator Maintenance Sheet Need simple checks doing before starting work?  This handy template allows you to specify checks for your equipment and also serves as a record that the checks have been done.

Operator Maintenance Sheet

Free Download

Standard Meeting Agenda A great way to communicate who needs to be where, when, what data and time and to show what you will be talking about.  In PPT format, and fully editable.  Includes a handy visual management meeting record.

Standard Meeting Agenda

Free Download

When you click on the link to download your chosen document you will go through the shopping cart process but you will not need to enter any payment details.  Upon submitting valid data, you will be emailed a link to download the free document templates.

5S Kits

We have kits for helping you with your 5S programs.  Kits can include some or all of these items:

  • 5S Auditing and reporting documents (editable)
  • 5S Induction Presentation, and the 5S 5 Minute Challenge
  • 5S Training Simple Test / Record of Training
  • 5S Tool Kit (editable) with:
    • Shopping list
    • Red Tag template
    • 5S Signs (Red Tag Area, Blitz Area Status)
    • 5S Sort Criteria Flow Chart
    • Line Marking Colour Standard
    • One Minute Lesson Template
    • 5S Roster Templates
    • Operator Maintenance Sheet Template
    • 5S Poster Templates

You can place an order for a 5S Kit via the online store.  Your order will be despatched to you once payment is received.

Performance Boards

Performance Boards may also be known as an Information Centre, and may also be used for Short Interval Management (SIM) or Short Interval Control (SIC).  We have standardised designs that come as a complete kit, enabling you to set up and get running with the minimum of fuss.

Kits include:

  • Premium 6 colour print performance board stick on print (sizes up to 2400mm x 1200mm)
  • Premium high performance dry wipe lamination to print
  • Work Instructions
  • Dry Wipe Pens & associated stationery
  • A3 Landscape acrylic document holders
  • Sticky Fixers (for pen holder and document holders)
  • Required document templates (editable).

You can order the Performance Board Kits via our online shop.


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