Team Meeting Whiteboard Film 2.4m x 1.2m

This Team Meeting Whiteboard Film is a great way to instantly set up a daily process improvement and KPI review team meeting.

Stick this film onto an existing whiteboard or other suitable surface to make an instant white board complete with standard meeting agenda, 4 KPI graphing areas, notice board area, project improvement selector and action plans for short and medium term projects.

It even has the instructions printed on it so there are absolutely no excuses from the team.

This price is for the film only, including GST.  Does not include a white board to stick it onto or dry wipe pens.  The film is 2400 mm (2.4m or approx 8 feet) by 1200 mm (1.2m or approx 4 feet).

Manufactured from premium high tack substrate, full colour printed and laminated with a premium dry wipe film that wipes better & easier than most white boards.

If you need help setting up an implementing this process, we can help, so feel free to contact us.

Part Number : TMWF8x4

Price : $389.00