MTM Spreadsheet

This MTM Methods Time and Motion Spreadsheet allows you to time each step of a process and determine is an activity is Value Adding (VA or 'Green Time') or Non Value Adding (NVA or 'Red Time').

NVA Red Time can be further broken down and categorised to identify where improvements can be focussed and show where the biggest savings can be made.

There is a tab in the spreadsheet for the 'before' activity or Current State timing data and a second tab for the 'after' activity or proposal timing data, the Future State.

Additionally, a third tab provides a handy graphical comparison of before and after process times to demonstrate the savings made.

It is recommended that this process is completed by a properly trained Industrial Engineer or Manufacturing Engineer.  Alternatively, we can train you in the use of this spreadsheet and process in order to make sure the tool is used properly.  Contact us if you need any assistance.

Price : $25.00