5S Tool Kit

The 5S tool kit contains all the electonic files you need to get your 5S activities moving.  We have included:

  • Simple 5S Audit (MS Excel) with a separate score graph for reporting progress (fully editable)
  • Notes on what to obtain and organise
  • 5S Red Tag Area sign
  • 5S Red Tag template
  • 5S Blitz Status sign
  • 5S Sort Criteria flow chart
  • 5S Line Marking Colour Standard template
  • 5S One Minute Lesson template (Be Clean Stay Lean)
  • 5S Cleaning Roster template
  • Bonus Operator Maintenance Sheet template
  • Bonus 5S and 8 Wastes Poster

This ZIP file package will save you at least several hours of work generating this material if you do not already have it.

If you need further help or assistance, feel free to contact us.  We can help you with your 5S Blitz activities and 5S Training, too.

Price : $5.00