Our Web Site Has Been Improved!

This release of the main site sports a new design and adds new functionality like the improved login areas and now also has the addition of a cart feature to allow digital delivery of some items.


Content has been improved with the home page sporting a rotating carousel of 'problems'.  Clicking on one of these problems takes you off to a special page where you can find out how to begin solving that prtoblem and even provides links to resources that can be used to fix the problem.


This is stage 1 of 3 - two more significant updates are being worked on and are to be released over the coming months.


"This is a very exciting time" said Emma Tomlinson, Company Secretary, "because the addition of the two other integrated services will really start to set us apart from our competitors".


Keep looking back in to see the changes - we promise you won't be able to miss them when they are released!!