Long Term Client says 'Thank You'

"We can't thank you enough" says Jason, "when we started Lean Thinking, we knew it would be a benefit but never dreamed it would benefit us this much".

The business started with applying Lean Manufacturing techniques to their fabrication workshop, eventually extending these processes out into Administrative and Project Management too.

Moving forwards, improvements to the Quality System and increased output for the same cost base allowed a program of significant investment to commence thanks to greater cash flow and profit.

Now the business has won a contract to supply a major mining contractor. Jason continues "this will book out our entire workshop capacity for the next three years, challenging us to become even leaner so we can continue to support our existing client base".

A nice problem to have, Jason is not complacent. "We would not be in this position if we had failed to undertake Lean Training and implement significant improvements to our Quality System - and our new Client has made this quite clear to us."

Jasons final comment? "We need your continued support to make sure that our business remains one of just 250 Australian suppliers to this key Multi-national Client". Jason, it'd be our pleasure.