Lean Manufacturing Training by Simulation

There is an old quote we like - "What I hear, I forget.  What I see, I remember.  What I do, I understand".  It is quite true and is something that we have applied to our Lean Manufacturing Training Simulation.


We have had a bit of a resurgence in the SImulation recently, with both new and existing Clients requesting the one day exercise be conducted at their organisation.


In the simulation, you learn lean by setting up a factory to make Lego aircraft.  Initially it is impossible to complete the task but very soon participants understand the finer points of lean that are often not trained well, or even at all.  TAKT Time, manning levels, contraint management and queue theory are some of the topics covered.  Before long it is possible to apply what is learned to significantly improve productivity.


Everyone enjoys the simulation, it is a fun way to lean about Lean in a short time.  Plus you know you are on to somethng when a new Client tells you "We learned more in 6 hours with you than we learned in 12 weeks with our Competitive Manufacturing Training from another provider".


Competitive Manufacturing Training is now called Competitive Systems and Practices Training, and yes, we can fix that for you too.