Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Safety, Environment) - Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

We have been running our Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System Seminars again for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.  We always see a range of attendees, from those beginning the implementation journey to those that are well down the road with their systems.


It is becoming obvious to us that some attendees are there to get a second opinion.  Some suppliers and Consultants appear to be offering customised systems that are based on templates where they are simply adding logos and providing a simple personalisation service.


We have been presented with some of these systems for a 'quick look' and invariably we immediately see that the level of personalisation and customisation is not sufficient to withstand a robust third party audit (whether for certification or just for supplier approval & tendering).


Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety are a critical business system.  If you opt for a 'cheap' templated system then frankly you must do so expecting to face additional charges should these systems face any type of audit.


Often the cost to fix the shortcomings and the sometimes substantial cost to submit to a second audit combine to a sum in excess of doing the job properly in the first place.


Our advice is, therefore, that if you buy cheap you should expect to buy twice.  Plus we have a 100% hit rate at getting people through their certification audit with no non-conformances.  And we are willing tu guarantee that.  You may wish to consider such factors when engaging a Consultant.