II-AU Sponsors the Sunshine Coast Model Railway

The model railway is run by a team of Senior Model Engineers, who in turn bring great joy to many families and children when they operate their ride on model railway each month.

The Director of II-AU, Rob Tomlinson, said "as a skill, Engineering is certainly one that is in demand, and sadly this is also a skill that is not pursued by enough young people".

II-AU is principally an Engineering Company, and the sponsorship of Engineering related community projects has become a priority for the business. Rob continued "by sponsoring the railway we hope to help promote the understanding of Engineering skills in the community, we hope to assist in keeping the railway running for future generations, and of course we know we are helping to bring a little bit of fun to all those that attend".

Rob finished by saying "despite the fact that for some people times are tough, our company has prospered and we feel it is important to give something back to the community in which we operate".

You can find out more about the model railway by visiting their website,, where information relating to their running dates and times is posted.