Free Benchmarking Service

We offer a comprehensive benchmarking service via an online tool that is designed to review the major areas of your organisation and determine where the opportunities for improvements exist.

The comprehensive review will take you and the key members of your Team a few hours to complete, depending on the depth of discussion and amount of opportunity that you can identify.

Once you register for the service you will be able to review the following areas of your organisation:

  • Organisational Strategy, Objectives and Planning
  • Financial Planning and Targets
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  • Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems
  • Human Resource Management & Training
  • Procurement, Logistics and Distribution
  • Management of Operations
  • Operational Efficiency and Improvements
  • Maintaining Efficiency of Operations
  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Research and Development
  • Intellectual Property.

The review results in a simple report that is capable of highlighting areas within your organisation that would benefit from improvements being made.  This report, along with some of the other tools available through this site will allow you to begin making immediate improvements to your business that should yield greater productivity and profitability providing the guidelines are followed.

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