CORE Consultants Tri-Cert Passed First Time!

This engagement was quite a routine task for II-AU, as CORE Consulants had very mature processes in place and had a pragmatic approach to the operation of their Organisation.


Initially we started with Internal Audit training for key personnel and identified the strengths and weaknesses of the existing process.  It became apparent quickly that CORE personnel were extremely adept at managing projects & systems, making the task ongoing even easier.


An Issue Tracking System was set up with all audit findings being entered and assigned to responsible personnel for completion.  In a short time period, the system had been improved enough to engage a Certification Body to complete the Certification process.


After a 5 day audit at the hands of a excellent auditor from Compliance Australia, CORE Consultants were successfully recommended for triple certification with no non-conformances at all in their audit.  This was an excellent result for CORE Consultants and Incremental Improvements Australia, who have maintained their 100% hit rate for first time certification with no non-conformances.


For us, the crowning glory came from a comment made by Dave Mason, Managing Partner of CORE - "We couldn't have done it without you".  Well, Dave, it was our pleasure...