The main Business activities for Incremental Improvements Australia Pty Ltd (II-AU) are generally described in various areas of this website and are generally focussed in the following stages of project engagement and deployment:

  • Strategy advice for value adding businesses, focussing on areas like exit strategies, business strategy, manufacturing capability strategic plans, service capability strategic plans etc.
  • Benchmarking services, to comprehensively research and highlight areas where Clients would be able to make improvements to their businesses, according to the strategic direction.
  • Engineering Consulting that then takes the strategic and benchmarking outputs as a source of priority direction for the high level process improvements required.
  • Training of all personnel in the business on what will become the 'new normal' to ensure that everyone sticks to the process.  We also offer a range of specialised Engineering and Audit Training Courses to our Clients.
  • Sustaining the changes made to ensure that the benefits realised continue to be realised year on year.  This includes aligning out entire process with AS/NZS and ISO Management System Standards and assisting with the preparations for Certification of Management Systems, if required.
  • Further Resources can be provided where needed, to support ongoing improvements, assist with placing appropriately skilled personnel, tendering support and research & development activities for example.

It must be pointed out that we are not consultants, we are Engineers, and we operate in a very different way.  Our primary skill set is in Process, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (PRIME) however the skills of improving process efficiency can generally be applied to any value adding chain of events encountered in just about any organisation.

We have many technical capabilities to compliment our approach, including specialist software, more commercially available suites such as AutoCAD and the ability to produce in-house all the materials we need to complete any engagement.

Another element where our approach differs from that of other Consulting Firms is that we ensure support is provided without question.  You need some document templates, sure.  You want to ask questions out of hours or in private, no problem.  We all need a bit of extra assistance here and there, and we value the importance of supporting our Clients throughout any engagement.

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