Aluminium Fabricator Triples in Size in 2 Years!

When we started working for the Client, we were asked, in our experience, what we thought the capacity target of the organisation should be.  Based of the shed size, number of employees, equipment and a couple of other factors we suggested an immediate target of 50% more output.


The Owner of the business scoffed at our suggestion which surprised Rob Tomlinson, Managing Director of II-AU.  Rob recalls the converstaion well "After being laughed at I asked him if he wanted to know what I thought he could really do, with all of those resources.  Quite surprised with the response he said he did want to know and we told him he should be aiming to grow by around not 50%, but 300% from where they were at that time".  The response?  "I got laughed at" said Rob.


Fast forwards two years, with ongoing support and we got an email from our Client stating that he had achieved and now sustained the goal of 300% growth.  He said we should be proud and that he was too, for the first time since taking over the business.


The ball is in our court, now though.  They want to grow by 100% again from current volumes and do it in just two years.  We love a challenge, so yep, we're in!