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Tendering for contracts is becoming more and more a requirement for Organisations who want to access lucrative major projects.  Success rates can be poor and this can become quite de-motivating in terms of wishing to continue with further tendering activities.  This may not be good for the longevity of an Organisation.

The truth is that tendering can be made quite simple, with minimal time burdens and success rates can be improved significantly if you understand the process and what is being sought.  Often multiple suppliers are sought and contrary to what some may believe, it is unlikely that a supplier has been 'pre-selected'.

We have assisted many Clients with their tendering submissions and assisted in understanding more clearly what is being sought in the tender process.  When the right information is presented the tendering success rate can be improved substantially.

Are you struggling to win tenders, or are you yet to submit your first tender?  If you are, you should request a call back so we can assist you and improve your chances of success when your tender is reviewed.

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