Strategy On A Page & Report On A Page

This fully editable MS Excel file contains three tabs.

Tab 1 is for the Strategy On A Page (SOAP) A3 document.  Record details like who is on the team, what the vision, mission, values and goals are and then for 4 key ares of the Organisation set specific goals and aspirations, keeping responsible persons noted for each task.

Tab 2 is the Report On A Page (ROAP) A3 document where the plan versus actual graphs are displayed for each of the 4 key areas along with further records of who is doing what to make or sustain improvements.

Tab 3 is the data sheet that drives the report.

Great for Board Reports, Management Review, Department Reports and so on.  Helps with ISO Management Review compliance.

A very powerful tool that when used properly can drive increased profitability.

If you need help or assistance setting up this process then please contact us and we'll help.

Price : $95.00