Risk Assessment Template

When completing a Risk Assessment is it very easy to not 'see' particular risks if you are not aware that you need to look for them.  A failure to observe and control a risk is not a defence should an incident or accident occur.  Additionally, a risk that is not identified is much more dangerous than an identified risk with very poor controls.

To get around this, we have included in this Risk Assessment an entire page and a half section covering well over a hundred typical hazard types - the logic is that if a hazard is observed from the checklist then controls must be present in the risk assessment for that hazard.  In turn this means that hazards are unlikely to be overlooked and therefore are unlikely to be present without controls.

The sections of the document include:

  • Participating Personnel
  • Description of Process
  • Hazard Check List
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Scoring Matrix
  • Risk Classes
  • Hierarchy of Control
  • Action Plans
  • Notes on Interlocking & Control Systems.

An invaluable aid in making sure that risk assessments are completed thoroughly and representing a significant time saving compared to creating the document from scratch.

MS Word format and fully editable.  You can easily add you Logo and other details to create a comprehensive, professional looking document in minutes.

We can provide Risk Assessment Training and support for this process should you need it.  Contact us for further information.

Price : $35.00