Research & Development (R&D) Support

If your organisation is working on improving or enhancing the performance of a process, system or product, there could be significant tax advantages available to you if these activities qualify as Research and Development (R&D).

Under the R&D Tax rules in Australia, and if certain criteria are met, the tax advantages of undertaking properly structured Research & Development can mean that tax burdens are reduced or even eliminated.

We have a number of Clients who we have helped with their R&D activities.  Our specialist Engineering knowledge means we can develop your R&D technical documentation to be compliant with your business aims and the relevant authority requirements.  Furthermore, as we are process specialists, we can set up the R&D reporting process within the organisation to ensure that all relevant activities are captured, costed and appropriate benefits are received.

Are you completing activities that you think may be eligible?  Then you should contact us to discuss the activities and get a feel for the amount of benefit you could currently be missing out on.



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