Community Support & Engagement

Incremental Improvements Australia Pty Ltd (II-AU) takes pride in our active role of supporting our community.  We actively give back to the community that supports our Organisation.

We add value to the broader community in a number of ways, but always with a link to our area of expertise - Engineering.  We have supported many Engineering related community activities in the past, with donations of a financial, time or advice related provision being regularly made.

Engineering is often viewed as a 'dirty' or 'boring' profession, and nothing could be further from the truth.  Engineering is often challenging, exciting and immensely rewarding.  We are always interested to hear from, and possibly support, any community activities that are of an Engineering nature.

Some of our current and previous beneficiaries include:

  • Sunshine Coast Railway Modellers Society (
  • Chancellor State College Science & Engineering Engagement Program
  • SCRC Knowledge Industries & Professional Services Task Force
  • SCRC Clean Tech Industries Task Force.



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